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Medical center «Paracelsus»
Medical center «Paracelsus»
Minsk, Mayakovsky str., 129A/1
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+375 17 201-40-10

Medical center «Paracelsus»

General information about the medical center "Paracelsus"

Paracelsus is a medical center for the treatment of all kinds of addictions.

Addicted people are the same patients, with the same chances of recovery. Addiction is not as bad as it is portrayed on social posters. Modern medicine has moved away from condemnation, so each specialist respects the choice and desire of the patient.

How is addiction treated? The process can be roughly divided into several stages:

1. Relief of an acute condition. Specialists use their experience and working drugs. Each patient is provided with round-the-clock assistance as needed;

2. Choosing a treatment plan. Each patient receives a detailed consultation from a specialist, where you discuss all the issues of interest. If you are not yet ready for a consultation at the clinic, you can sign up online for an anonymous pre-medical consultation with a psychologist.

3. Restoration of the body and treatment of acquired diseases. If you have a stomach ache or headaches, do not hide it from specialists, because this will make the help effective and targeted.

4. Support and psychotherapy. A psychiatrist is not painful, not scary, but rather very effective. This stage requires independent efforts, but this is how millions of people in developed countries begin to live the way they wanted.

Over the years of operation of the medical center, specialists have developed their own system of successful rehabilitation. To date, it has been worked out as much as possible, and in its support, safe drug methods for relieving acute conditions have been selected. The clinic confidently declares that each employee realizes and understands that their main value is the patient and his family, so the staff makes every effort to make them recover as soon as possible.

Services at the medical center "Paracelsus"

Qualified assistance is provided by the services of the following areas:

• Relief of the condition;

• Programs for the treatment of alcoholism;

• Weight correction programs;

• Recovery from alcohol;

• Diagnostics;

• Treatment of neurotic diseases, etc.

The full list of services is presented on the official website of the center. You can ask a question by calling the registry of the medical institution.

Make an appointment at the medical center "Paracelsus"

Pre-registration for an appointment is carried out by phone +375 (44) 551-7-816. The call is anonymous, so you can ask any question of interest and get a detailed answer, while maintaining confidentiality.