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Ultrasound medical center of Dr. Lukashevich N. A.
Ultrasound medical center of Dr. Lukashevich N. A.
Thyroid, mammary, salivary glands
Vessels of the brain, neck, arms and legs
Hearts (adults and newborns)
Pelvic organs, ultrasound during pregnancy
Prostate, scrotum and testicles
Abdominal studies
Kidneys and adrenal glands
Minsk, Independence Ave., 109
Mon: 08:00 - 16:00
Tue: 08:00 - 16:00
Wed: 08:00 - 16:00
Thu: 08:00 - 16:00
Fri: 08:00 - 16:00
+375 17 310-03-03

Ultrasound medical center of Dr. Lukashevich N. A.

General information about Ultrasound medical center of Dr. Lukashevich N.A.

Medical center of doctor Lukashevich N.A. - a modern medical institution, where doctors of the highest and first categories, as well as the best specialists in ultrasound diagnostics, carry out almost several types of ultrasound diagnostics.

The medical center guarantees high quality and reliability of research. Conclusions are accepted by all doctors and professors of public and private clinics.

The medical center has several advantages:

• A wide range of services with accurate diagnostics;

• Provision of services by qualified specialists of the highest category;

• Ultrasonic apparatus manufactured by Aloka, Japan;

• Attractive cost;

• Accurate and fast diagnostics;

• Individual approach to each patient;

• Service without queues, complete confidentiality, no other patients, no prying eyes.

The medical center is equipped with modern equipment that provides expert class diagnostics. Modern technologies will help to more accurately diagnose and guarantee the best quality of diagnosis.

Services in Ultrasound medical center of Dr. Lukashevich N.A.

The medical center provides a range of ultrasound diagnostics services:

• ultrasound of the abdominal cavity;

• ultrasound of the veins of the lower extremities;

• ultrasound of the ankle joints;

• ultrasound for children;

• ultrasound of the knee joints;

• ultrasound of the elbow joints;

• ultrasound of the mammary glands;

• ultrasound of soft tissues;

• ultrasound of the pelvic organs in women;

• ultrasound of the scrotum organs, etc.

You can find all the services on the official website of the medical center.

Make an appointment at Ultrasound medical center of Dr. Lukashevich N.A.

You can make an appointment in two convenient ways:

• By phone +375 (17) 310-03-03;

• Request a call.

To order a call, you must indicate your phone number, the desired date and time of the call, the reason for contacting. A specialist will surely contact you for a free consultation and appointment.