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Belarus may simplify obtaining a residence permit

Simplifying of obtaining of a residence permit for Baltics and Poles is being considered in Belarus, BelTA reports. We remind you that citizens of Poland, as well as Lithuania and Latvia can visit Belarus without a visa.

Since April, 164 thousand Poles, Lithuanians and Latvians have visited Belarus under the visa-free regime. The number of applications of foreigners with Belarusian roots for permanent has also increased. These are people who previously held Belarusian citizenship or have grounds for acquiring it through registration. They are also Belarusians or identify themselves with them and their descendants.

Belarusian laws allow such foreigners to obtain permits for permanent residence. The Ministry of Internal Affairs is currently working on simplifying the procedure for issuing permits to citizens of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland who have Belarusian roots. The procedure can be shortened up to one month.

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