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Belarusian confectioners won 16 medals at the world culinary Olympiad

Belarusian confectioners won 9 gold, 5 silver and 2 bronze medals at the world culinary Olympiad (IKA), which was held from 15 to 19 February in Stuttgart (Germany), reports

Gold medals were awarded to Svetlana Aleshkevich, Natalia Velentsevich, Lyudmila Pashkovskaya ("Minskkhlebprom"), Veronika Gabrusevich ("Grodnokhlebprom") and Natalia Sambuk (Orsha bakery) for works made of mastic, Natalia Sharay ("Domochay") and Dmitry Antipenko ("Gomelkhlebprom") - from chocolate, Valeria Kurchiy ("Beresteysky Baker") - from marzipan, as well as private pastry chef Olga Gotovko - for work from pastilage.

Silver medals were awarded to Nadezhda Bogatenko and Elena Dedovets ("Vitebskkhlebprom"), Natalia Minchenkova and Elena Akhartseva ("Domochay"), Natalia Goncharuk ("Grodnokhlebprom"). Their works were made of chocolate, salted dough and sugar mastic.

The bronze was taken away by Marina Morozova (Orsha bakery) for the composition of salted dough and Ekaterina Marchik ("Aromatik") - from sugar mastic.

The world culinary Olympiad is organized by the world Association of cooks and confectioners (WACS) and is held once every four years.