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Housing building in Minsk in 2023

In 2023, several large-scale construction projects will be started in some districts of Minsk. Almost $636 million has been allocated for financing them, Sputnik reported.

The money allocated by the state and banks will be spent on housing construction, as well as laying engineering and transport networks to residential areas.

In addition to the current construction projects, which will continue in 2023, new sites will be prepared for construction in Minsk:

  • within the boundaries of Avakiana - Bychaŭskaja - Pienzienskaja - Siennickaja - zavulak Naftavy - Aeradromnaja streets;
  • within the boundaries of Rybalki - Vielazavodskaja - Nakhimova;
  • within the boundaries of praspiekt Niezaliežnasci -  Valhahradskaja - Kiedyški;
  • within the borders of Michasia Lyńkova - Piatra Hliebki - prajezd Masiukoŭščyna;
  • within the boundaries of Arloŭskaja - Navavilienskaja - Ščadryna - Haja; as well as Arloŭskaja - Staravilienski trakt - zavulak Navavilienski.

In addition, the investment program allocates funds for the start of construction of the residential complex "North Shore", which will become the largest residential development in Belarus.

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