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Positions of Belarusian athletes in updated WTA and ATP rankings

On Monday, the WTA and the ATP released updated rankings. Arina Sobolenko made the best result among Belarusian girls and took the fifth position, Sputnik reported.

Belarusian tennis player Arina Sobolenko took part in the Australian tournament in Adelaide and won it. On Monday, Arina Sobolenko retained the fifth position in the updated WTA ranking, gaining 4340 points.

Belarusian Victoria Azarenka is in 25th place. Alexandra Sasnovich made the 38th position.

Ilya Ivashko showed the best result among Belarusians in the men's ATP ranking and took 72nd place.

Now Belarusian tennis players are preparing for the first Australian Open tournament of the season and participating in competitions.

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