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"Stadler Minsk" showed a new electric train for the capital's subway

According to, today, journalists were able to evaluate the new four-car electric train in action, becoming its first passengers.

Smooth running, no stuffiness and the need to strain the ligaments to the interlocutor heard. Modern technologies used in the new rolling stock provide reliability, comfort, noise reduction due to sound-absorbing materials. The car body is an all-metal bearing structure made of aluminum alloys with a service life of 50 years, while convenient and easy to maintain. The developers guarantee each train 560 thousand km of mileage.

The cabin has air conditioning and video surveillance systems. And a nice bonus-places to recharge electronic devices.

Light shades, laconic forms and integrity of space were used for interior design. It is, by the way, quite roomy: the width of the car reaches 2.65 m, in height-up to 3.69 m. what is especially convenient-articulated structure with wide aisles. This is additional space for passengers, and freedom of movement throughout the train.

The driver from the cab can monitor the space along the entire composition thanks to the installed on the body of the head car digital video cameras.

One of the significant innovations - the system of driving. This includes additional control, traffic safety, reduction of electricity consumption, and compliance with the train schedule.