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Октябрьская улица

The most popular street in Minsk will become completely pedestrian

Recently, the urban development plan that would affect Oktyabrskaya Street was agreed, reports.

Oktyabrskaya Street has become one of the most popular places for young people to meet. Thanks to numerous cafes, restaurants and bars, every weekend the street is crowded with companies and couples. Despite the large number of pedestrians, the street was still remained open for cars. But in accordance with the new urban development plan, the street will become completely pedestrian.

As a part of the urban development plan, the following changes are foreseen: removal of production facilities, restoration and adaptation of historical and cultural heritage objects, construction of administrative, business, commercial, cultural and educational facilities. The new project will continue to support the development of cultural infrastructure on the territory of Oktyabrskaya Street.

Also, within the framework of the project, two multi-level parkings, exhibitions and museums, physical culture and leisure and shopping and entertainment complexes will be built.

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