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Apartment_for_rent How to rent an apartment in Belarus?

How to rent an apartment in Belarus?

Searching for an apartment is a long and not always easy process. An unreliable proprietor, agents who take a prepayment and stop communicating, announcements of non-existent apartments - all this can be faced by an inexperienced tenant.

We will tell you how to find an apartment for rent in Belarus and not to face fraudsters.

From landlords, owners and without intermediaries

The intermediary is an agency, and tenants do not always want to deal with them, as renting an apartment for $300 and pay another $100 to the agent is not everyone's desire.

Owner usually writes in his ad the following phrases:

  • an apartment from the owner;
  • rented out by the landlord;
  • agencies do not bother.

Also, pay attention to how the phone number is signed: if there is a name, then with a 90% probability of the owner. If the name says "Apartment", "Agent" or just a letter, with a 100% probability it is an agent.

Also, when selecting an apartment on the site, specify in the search options "Only the owner", "Private ads" or "No agencies".

Searching for an apartment on the Internet

Sites and ads

There are enough sites for renting apartments in Belarus on the Internet, but there are those that are most popular with proprietors and tenants.

On the following sites, you can find the most ads for renting an apartment:

Searching for an apartment through a real estate agency

If you do not have time to search for your own apartment, you can contact a real estate agency. There are two types of agents:

  • a fact-finding agent;
  • a prepayment agent.

We recommend that you contact the agent directly. First, he looks for an apartment for you, and then you pay for his services. The cost of services of the agent by the fact is fixed and is $ 100.

Certainly, you too can address to the agent on prepayment, but it only at your risk. Usually, the prepayment agent takes 10 basic units. Since January 1, 2020 the base value makes 27 BYN. Accordingly, the agent will need to pay 270 rubles or $122.7. After the prepayment, the agent starts looking for a suitable apartment for you, but since he has already received the money, he has no motivation to do his job. Therefore, no one can guarantee that this money will not be wasted.

There are many real estate agencies in Belarus and you only need to turn to the checked ones to avoid risks.

Real estate agencies in Minsk

  1. Tvoya stolica;
  2. Molnar;
  3. Kvadratniy metr.  

Real estate agencies in Vitebsk

  1. Yut;
  2. Pakodan Vitebsk;
  3. Personalniy realtor;
  4. Yut and K;
  5. Tvoya nedvizhimost'.

Real estate agencies in Brest

  1. Garant yspeha;
  2. Alternativa;
  3. Bugrielt;
  4. Rialiti;
  5. Alpha-Active.

Real estate agencies in Mogilev

  1. Imperia zhilya;
  2. Zolotoi aktiv;
  3. Alpha-Home.

Real estate agencies in Gomel

  1. Liniya zakona;
  2. Gid po nedvizhimosti;
  3. Kapital nedvizhimosti.

Real estate agencies in Grodno

  1. Centr kvartir
  2. Magazin nedvizhimosti;
  3. Agentstvo horoshih kvartir.

Apartments for Rent per Day (daily)

Daily rent apartments are usually those who come to town for a short period. Ads about daily rent is always a lot and prices are different, on average 30-40$. Apartments for rent for a day are on the same sites as the long-term rental. You need to specify in the parameters of "Apartment for a day" or build ads in order of increasing prices.

Apartment for rent for a month

Monthly rentals are usually required for distance learning students who come to a session or for those who come on a business trip. However, not every proprietor wants to rent out a flat for a month, so you should look for ads that say the flat is for short periods.

Long-term renting (long-term renting)

There are always more long-term rental announcements than other types of announcements. Here you already have to choose for yourself a suitable option, location, price and proprietor.

Lease agreement

A lease or rental agreement is concluded with tenants for a long period. Proprietors most often conclude a contract for 0.5-1 years, less often for 3 months. This is to protect the tenant and the proprietor from fraud. If you sign a contract with a proprietor, you can make sure that you are not evicted without notice - the proprietor must give you 1 month to move. The agreement sets out the rights and obligations of both parties, as well as the cost of the monthly rent.

Apartments for rent in Minsk

How to rent a cheap apartment in Minsk

On the sites of rental apartments, a large number of ads with different price ranges. You just need to determine the cost of the apartment and configure the parameters on the site.

You can place your own ads. The ad should contain your full description and phone number. If the description is suitable for the owner, he will call you and offer options for reduced prices.

Rent a studio apartment

Demand for studio apartments is always high, so their price can be the same as for a two-room apartment. Therefore, when choosing apartments, always tick both of them.

Renting a One Bedroom Apartment

Renting a one-bedroom apartment is easier than renting a one-bedroom apartment, as the demand for them is lower, but not always apartments are offered at fair prices. Always make a reasonable assessment of the repair in the apartment and the price for rent.

Costs and prices

The cost of apartments starts from $200, but for this price, you can rent an apartment with very old repair and far from the city center.

The cost of studio apartments with average repairs will start from $ 250. For this amount, you will get not an average repair, and probably will be absent some equipment: washing machine or microwave, etc. Location of one-room apartment will not be happy, too. If you are set up for a comfortable stay, the studio apartments from 300-350 $ will suit you well. However, look for not only repair, but also do not forget about the location, availability of household appliances in the apartment and sleeping places.

One-bedroom apartment with an average repair can be rented for 280-300 dollars. If you want, your apartment was renovated, new appliances and heated floors, then feel free to put a price from $ 400-450.

Do not see the beautiful pictures on the rental sites, because not always apartments in the photo exist. Carefully inspect the apartment before you start renting and point the owner to the breakdowns, so that then it is not attributed to you. Also, if you leave a deposit, be sure to take a receipt from the person, so as not to remain deceived. We wish you good luck in your search.