Apartment_for_rent Rent an apartment in Minsk

Rent an apartment in Minsk

Recently, quite a large number of foreign citizens visiting Belarus prefer flats (apartments) instead of classical hotels and hostels. If a foreign citizen comes to Belarus for a long period of time, of course, it will be much more profitable to rent an apartment than to live in a hotel.
In the first and second case, a foreign citizen asks: “Where can I find a good and inexpensive apartment?” In this section of our website we shall try to answer this question.

If you are looking for an apartment in the Republic of Belarus and you do not know where to start searching for an apartment, read this article. As a rule, the search for apartments to rent in Belarus is carried out in the following ways:

1) Apartment search on the Internet;
2) Apartment search through the real estate agency.

For today, the search for apartments to rent on the Internet is the most popular way to search. In Belarus, there are a lot of websites where you can find advertisements about renting apartments.

Below you will find the websites for apartment search:

1) www.onliner.by;
2) www.neagent.by
3) www.realt.by;
4) www.domovita.by;
5) www.hata.by.

The second way to find an apartment for rent is to search for an apartment through a real estate agency. In Belarus, there is a sufficient number of real estate agencies that offer their services to find apartments for rent. If you decide to work with a real estate agency, we advise you to follow the abovementioned recommendations:

1) Be sure to sign a contract with the agency. In the event of a dispute, the contract will always protect your rights and legitimate interests.
2) Do not pay for the agency services in 100% prepayment: it will also partially protect you in case of conflict.
3) If you pay the agent on site – ask for a cash receipt (a cash receipt is confirmation of the payment).

As a rule, if you are looking for an apartment for one day, in Belarus you can also bargain if you rent for a few days (not for one day).

If you are looking for an apartment for a long term, as a rule, in Belarus the owners prefer to conclude a lease contract for at least 1 year. In the future, the contract is extended. Typically, the owner of the apartment may require you to prepay for the first month of stay, as well as a guarantee deposit in the amount of a monthly payment. In case of failure to ensure safety of the property, this deposit will serve to the owner as a guarantee of the payment of losses incurred by you.
At the conclusion of the lease contract for the long term it is necessary to specify the order of payment of utilities and Internet services with the owner. Very often these services are included in the rent.