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Review of websites for buying residential houses

Review of websites for buying residential houses in Belarus

Everyone knows the saying: «A real man must build a house, plant a tree and raise a son» We can say that in the modern interpretation, every adult, having matured and gained independence, dreams of buying or building his own home. To some extent, having your own «nest» is an indicator of success. It can be an apartment or a house, depending on personal preference and, of course, financial capabilities. What algorithm of actions and where can I get information about offers in the field of buying and selling residential buildings, we will highlight in more detail in this article.

Purchase of residential buildings in Minsk

Houses located within the boundaries of the city of Minsk, or no more than 10-15 km from the city, are in special demand. If you are going to buy a house in the city, then in this case it is important to find out with the help of the executive committee or the website of the Ministry of Architecture about plans for the development of the territory on which this object is located. It will be safer to apply with an official appeal to these structures in order to avoid unforeseen circumstances in the future, after the completion of the transaction. What to look for when buying a home:

1. The purity of the transaction in terms of legal registration (we will consider in more detail below);

2. The presence of neighbors and their personal characteristics in terms of the comfort of living next to these people;

3. Availability of such amenities as heating the house (gas, stove or electric), central sewerage;

4. The condition of the supporting structures of the house and especially if the roof is not leaking;

5. The presence of wall insulation and good windows in the building, these circumstances significantly affect the thermal efficiency of the building, which is proportionally related to the energy consumption for heating;

6. Availability of free land on the site (for lovers of the garden and garden), or if you plan to make an extension or build a bathhouse, garage, etc.

7. Evaluate the quality of repairs and the general condition of the house in order to roughly estimate the amount of financial investment for a comfortable stay in it for you and your family;

8. If you plan to buy a house in a dacha cooperative for year-round living in it, then consider the fact that the tariffs for paying utility bills there will be 2-3 times more expensive.

Execution of a contract of purchase and sale of a residential building

How to properly draw up a contract for the sale of a house? You can do it in the two most common ways: do everything yourself or contact a real estate agency, which will take risks for payment (usually from 1.5-5% of the transaction value) and perform all the necessary procedures on your behalf. Consider the option of self-registration: specialists of the Agency for Registration and Inventory of Real Estate (formerly BTI) or notaries have this right. When buying, you must provide a technical passport of the house and check for compliance of all buildings with its plan. It is also checked whether the house has been privatized, who exactly is its owner and whether there are still persons who have the right to this housing or part of it, whether there are any arrears in payment of utilities. To certify the contract, the presence of the buyer, the seller, and, if possible, all citizens who must give their consent to the transaction is required. It is also important to check if the seller has paid income, land and property taxes. This information is verified in the event that the seller is a citizen of the Republic of Belarus who does not permanently reside in Belarus, a foreign citizen, a stateless person or a foreign or international legal entity that is not located in Belarus.

Registration of real estate

State registration of a transaction with real estate is a legal act of recognition and confirmation by the state of the fact of the transaction. Territorial organizations for state registration carry out registration actions in relation to the following immovable property:

• Land plots;

• Capital structures (buildings, structures);

• Unfinished mothballed capital structures;

• Isolated premises, including residential;

• Parking spaces.

Websites for buying residential buildings in Belarus

This site contains information on renting apartments and rooms in Minsk, selling apartments, houses throughout Belarus and with its help you can profitably buy real estate. Additionally, the portal contains information about new buildings and commercial real estate in Minsk and other cities of Belarus, contact numbers of real estate agencies offering real estate services, and individuals are indicated. Also, with its help, you can get information on other types of services in this area (leasing, appraisal, real estate lending, and real estate management). A very convenient search allows you to make a selection in many categories: the city where the desired property is located, a new building or secondary housing, the prices themselves can be indicated in rubles and dollars, the year the housing was commissioned; for those interested, there is even an option of choosing “affordable housing”. According to the latest trends, you can search directly on the map, which greatly visualizes the selection process. All real estate is divided into subgroups: suburban, commercial, residential. For those interested there is an opportunity to find information in the section «overseas property» in the EU and neighboring countries. It should be noted that this site is a kind of directory of information regarding the real estate market in Belarus. is a convenient search for real estate by an address or on a map; there are thousands of relevant ads for the sale or lease of real estate in Minsk and throughout Belarus. Lots of sorting options will help you find a property for every taste and budget. The label on the map will determine the proximity of transport and roads, public places and green areas. The «Insolation» layer will show how sunlight falls on the property in question. If you want to stand out from the background of other ads, then you can use the «auto-raise» function, highlighting in color. All prices can be indicated in three currencies: rubles, dollars and Euros.

The very user-friendly interface of the site, created thanks to the presence of intuitive symbols, allows you to go directly to the required section of information. Even before clicking on the link, you can immediately see the number of all ads in the section, which is also a huge plus. From the unusual, it can be noted that there is a section for daily rent of not only apartments and rooms, but also cottages, agro-estates for a day. Separately highlighted subsection «country rest», which includes houses for fishing, hunting, gazebos, houses with a bath, and rest in Braslav. The commercial real estate section contains an array of advertisements for the sale and lease of offices. All ads can be grouped by the city where the property is located, the price in dollars, the number of rooms, and the category of new buildings or secondary housing. There is also information about foreign real estate, agencies, news in the world of real estate and changes in the legislation of Belarus.

A specialized site of one of the largest real estate agencies in the country, created to meet the demand and supply of services in the field of real estate in Minsk. A very clear one-page view of the portal allows you to quickly navigate through a huge variety of information. The entire portal is divided into blocks: «Purchase and sale of apartments», «Shared construction», «Houses and cottages», «Rent of housing», «Commercial real estate». For those wishing to purchase a house, there are subsections such as:


•Houses, Cottages

•Summer cottages and plots

•Home loan



The site has the ability to contact the agency staff online or call the short number 7735. When information is issued, all ads are ranked by price in dollars and rubles, shown on the map, by price and novelty of placement on the site. If you wish, you can even specify at what distance in kilometers from the Minsk ring road the desired variant of the house should be. The very delivery of ads can be presented in the form of a line list, or in the form of three columns, each of which contains the main characteristics of the object. The portal also posts current news in the real estate sector of the capital.

The search result can be presented as a list or shown on a map, the ability to first of all show new ads. All ads are ranked by category residential and commercial property. Ads contain photos of objects. Of the features, one can single out the fact that there are data from builders and firms that underestimate the repair of apartments and the contacts of a cargo taxi, which are so relevant when moving. The column for real estate rent is highlighted separately. In order to place an ad on the site, it is enough to register; each user can post only one relevant ad for free. For an additional fee, it is possible to raise your ad to the first rows of impressions. According to statistics, this is one of the most popular real estate sites in Belarus. Apart from the announcement, there is practically no other information here.

This is an information resource that contains proposals from developers and owners in new buildings and business centers. One of the tasks of the resource is to inform consumers as much as possible about projects on the market of new buildings in Minsk and Belarus, as well as business centers in Minsk. A clear structure and convenient search in catalogs make it easy to find the right object. The portal allows you to find real estate offers from developers and owners; compare characteristics, layouts and prices of objects; learn about the developers of Minsk and its suburbs and their projects. The site even has an aerial view of properties. The resource developers maintain a video blog in which they constantly post videos about new residential complexes, about lending programs from developers.

This is the official resource of the republican unitary enterprise for the provision of services «BelYurObespechenie». The main function of this portal is to post publicly available information on the sale of seized property through an auction. Here in the catalog, among many categories, there is a section «The Property», which allows you to make a selection of all lots of this type only. Also, the functionality of the site makes it possible to subscribe to the newsletter when new lots appear.