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Review of websites for buying the land

Review of websites for buying the land in Belarus

In Belarus, as in any other country, there is a real estate market. Its activity is very specific, it is regulated by law and there are special rules for certain categories of objects of transactions. Below we will highlight in more detail the rules of transactions, which have their own specifics, and consider in detail the most popular Internet resources in the real estate industry.

How to buy a land plot in Belarus

Buying a land plot at an auction from the state

However, empty plots in our country are sold only on the primary market - they can be bought from the state at an auction or obtained through the executive committee. Also, with the help of the website of the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange since 2016, it became possible to acquire land plots and the right to conclude contracts for their lease. On the day of the auction, participants undergo electronic registration, during which each is assigned a serial number. Trades are held online, and sellers can remotely monitor their progress. At the same time, the principle of confidentiality is respected, and participants are identified by personal access parameters issued during accreditation. After the start of trading, participants are given 10 minutes to place a bet. Then the countdown for bets starts over. Trades are considered completed if no one has made new offers after 10 minutes from the moment of the next bid. During the bidding process, the participants sequentially increase the initial price of the subject of the auction by an amount equal to the step of electronic trading. The step of electronic auctions, except for the first one, is set by the organizer of electronic auctions in the range from 5 to 15% of the initial price of the subject of the auction and does not change during the entire period of their conduct. If only one application is submitted on the subject of the auction, the electronic auction participant is given the opportunity to purchase the lot at the initial price plus 5%.

Buying a land plot through the secondary market

In the secondary market, according to the law, a land plot for the construction and maintenance of a residential building can only be purchased with a building. The choice usually stands between an old house, which is subject to reconstruction / demolition, or an unfinished conserved capital structure: a foundation or a house box in different stages of readiness.

Terms for the development of a land plot

Within one year from the date of receipt of the certificate of state registration of the creation of a land plot and the emergence of the right to it, you must begin to occupy the land plot. At the same time, the occupation of a land plot means the beginning of construction ‒ the implementation of construction and installation works in accordance with the approved project documentation.

Websites for buying land in Belarus

Below we will highlight the features of using the most popular Internet resources, with the help of which you can easily solve the issue related to real estate in Belarus.

This site contains information on renting apartments and rooms in Minsk, selling apartments, houses throughout Belarus and with its help you can profitably buy real estate. Additionally, the portal contains information about new buildings and commercial real estate in Minsk and other cities of Belarus, contact numbers of real estate agencies offering real estate services, and individuals are indicated. Also, with its help, you can get information on other types of services in this area (leasing, appraisal, real estate lending, real estate management). A very convenient search allows you to make a selection according to different categories: the city where the desired property is located, a new building or secondary housing, the prices themselves can be indicated in rubles and dollars, the year of the housing commissioning; for those interested, there is even an option of choosing “affordable housing”. According to the latest trends, you can search directly on the map, which greatly visualizes the selection process. All real estate is divided into subgroups: suburban, commercial, residential. For those interested there is an opportunity to find information in the section «overseas property» in the EU and neighboring countries. It should be noted that this site is a kind of directory of information regarding the real estate market in Belarus.

This resource is presented in the form of a search, divided into large subsections: new buildings, houses and cottages, apartments and rooms, lots, garages and parking lots. Here you can immediately define such search conditions as the number of rooms (from 1 to 5+), the price range in rubles and dollars, the region of Belarus, rent or sale, and special conditions of sale (direct, frequent, exchange, exchange-congress, exchange-traveling ). When choosing a cottage, there is also a variety of summer cottages, half houses, cottages, houses; direction when leaving the city by car. When choosing a new building, it is possible to rank only certain residential complexes and by year of commissioning. You can also post your ads after completing the registration procedure.

With the help of the portal you can familiarize yourself with the ads of other users and place your ads in the «Ads Base» section, separately you can see the ads on transactions with private and commercial real estate (business centers, shopping centers, new buildings, cottage villages). Also foreign real estate is sorted separately and there is an «auction» option. The site provides a list of real estate companies. If you have a question, you can ask it in the «Question-answer» section. The administration posts news about real estate in the appropriate section of the site. Interestingly, here you can add a company with which you work on real estate issues, and you have complaints against it, to the list of «Unfair companies», as well as familiarize yourself with the list of «Unfair companies» before starting with someone. either work.

The search result can be presented as a list or shown on a map, the ability to first of all show new ads. All ads are ranked by category residential and commercial property. Ads contain photos of objects. Of the features, one can single out the fact that there are data from builders and firms that underestimate the repair of apartments and the contacts of a cargo taxi, which are so relevant when moving. The column for real estate rent is highlighted separately. In order to place an ad on the site, it is enough to register, each user can post only one relevant ad for free. For an additional fee, it is possible to raise your ad to the first rows of impressions. According to statistics, this is one of the most popular real estate sites in Belarus. Apart from the announcement, there is practically no other information here.

The very user-friendly interface of the site, created thanks to the presence of intuitive symbols, allows you to go directly to the required section of information. Even before clicking on the link, you can immediately see the number of all ads in the section, which is also a huge plus. From the unusual, it can be noted that there is a section for daily rent of not only apartments and rooms, but also cottages, agro-estates for a day. Separately highlighted subsection «country rest», which includes houses for fishing, hunting, gazebos, houses with a bath, rest in Braslav. The commercial real estate section contains an array of advertisements for the sale and lease of offices. All ads can be grouped by the city where the property is located, the price in dollars, the number of rooms, the category of new buildings or secondary housing. There is also information about foreign real estate, agencies, news in the world of real estate and changes in the legislation of Belarus.

The Minsk Regional Center for Investment and Privatization has created its own Internet portal. On its pages you can find information on the holding of auctions on the following types of objects: sale of land plots in private ownership, sale of the right to conclude a lease agreement on land plots and others. Ranking can be carried out by region and region of Belarus, also at the starting price in rubles.

This site has the following sections: property new in 24 hours; sale of apartments; apartments for rent; buy an apartment; rent of real estate for a day; I will rent for a long-term rent; houses, cottages, land plots; garages, parking lots; commercial real estate; rooms (except for rent); real estate abroad. What can surprise the site: convenient search, on the map, ranking ads by price from the smallest to the most expensive, and vice versa, the newest ads, and even those with a large kitchen can be distinguished separately. Also, the site's functionality allows you to separately rank ads by price in dollars, by price per square meter, by wall material, by city, exclude the first and last floors of the property from the search.

Specifics of Acquisition of Land Plots by Foreign Citizens

According to Belarusian legislation, land plots belonging to the following categories and types of land are not subject to granting as private property, property of foreign states, international organizations: agricultural land; lands for nature conservation, health-improving, recreational, historical and cultural purposes; forest lands; water fund lands; land under roads and other transport communications; common land.