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Fitness center "Adrenalin"
Fitness center "Adrenalin"

Fitness center "Adrenalin"

Fitness services at "Adrenalin" Center

Adrenalin is not just a network of gyms, because individually selected programs are waiting for you, which are compiled according to your preferences.

The center offers various types of fitness services:

• Zumba;

• Aerobics;

• Yoga;

• Pilates;

• Tabata and others.

For training, you are provided with all the necessary sports equipment. All you need is a desire to improve and willpower, otherwise they will help you.

Classes with a personal trainer at "Adrenalin" Center

A personal trainer is needed if you want to get results after a few sessions and learn how to practice correctly. The coach will help you get in shape, and point out mistakes if you do something wrong. In addition, a food professional will always give advice on nutrition and draw up a program based on the characteristics of your body.

You need training with a personal trainer if:

• You are afraid to start exercising in the gym, and the reason for your fear is not knowing the techniques and approaches. Buy one session with a personal trainer to help you navigate the correct use of equipment and exercise. The coach will definitely give advice on further studies and fear will no longer pursue you.

• You are not able to properly structure your workout, due to which you do not get the result. The instructor will tell you how many repetitions and approaches are best to do, how to choose the right weight, how to decide which muscle group to pump.

• You are not motivated enough.

The Adrenaline Fitness Center offers classes with trained trainers. They will draw up a program for you, help you exercise correctly on simulators and motivate you to achieve results.

The center provides everything you need for classes:

• changing rooms with spacious lockers, mirrors, shower, toilet and hairdryer;

• halls with free sports equipment;

• opportunity to buy bath accessories or rent a towel.

Types of membership in the "Adrenalin" center

The Adrenalin Center provides the following types of subscriptions:

1. A special subscription for 100 rubles.

The subscription includes:

• unlimited visit to the hall for 1 month;

• examination by a specialist;

• collecting anamnesis for injuries, chronic diseases;

• collection of the necessary indicators and a conclusion with recommendations for loads.

2. Daytime unlimited.

The subscription allows you to use the services of the hall on weekdays from 7:00 to 17:00, on weekends without time limits. The subscription price is 84 rubles.

3. Unlimited subscriptions.

Unlimited visits during the subscription period.

• 1 month - 92 rubles;

• 3 months - 259 rubles;

• 6 months - 499 rubles;

• 12 months - 949 rubles.

4. Family unlimited.

A subscription is issued with the right to use for 2 relatives for 1 month with an unlimited number of visits. The cost of the subscription is 142 rubles.