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Medical center "Embrio"
Medical center "Embrio"
Hysteroscopy and hysteroresectoscopy
Intrauterine insemination (IUI)
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis of each subsequent embryo
ECO + IMSI technology
ECO with preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) of one embryo using the aCGH (24-chromosome) technique)
Embryo cryopreservation
Laparoscopic operation
ECO + ICSI technology
Cryptococal ECO (with cryopreservation at the blastocyst stage)
Cryptococal ECO (with the cryopreservation of cleavage stage blastomeres)
Str. Minsk, d. 18 Filimonov, 53, FL. Five
Mon: 08:30 - 20:00
Tue: 08:30 - 20:00
Wed: 08:30 - 20:00
Thu: 08:30 - 20:00
Fri: 08:30 - 20:00
Sat: 08:30 - 17:00
+375 29 333-99-13
+375 17 276-82-71

Medical center "Embrio"

General information about the medical center "Embrio"

Embrio Medical Center was created for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. The center gives many families a chance to feel the joy of having a baby and get rid of health problems.

The complex of diagnostic activities of the clinic includes:

• medical examination. The couple talks about the difficulties they faced in the process of conception. The doctor conducts an initial examination and prescribes tests;

• laboratory research and comprehensive analysis of the causes of infertility. The couple undergoes a full range of tests.

• Treatment. The doctor names the reasons that cause difficulties in conception, and selects the most appropriate treatment regimen.

All treatment methods of the clinic comply with international WHO standards and regulatory documents of the Republic of Belarus.

You will be met by qualified personnel with experience in clinics in the USA, Russia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Ukraine. Among the doctors there are many specialists with an academic degree of candidates of medical sciences, doctors of the highest and first categories.

The clinic uses modern high-tech equipment in diagnostics and treatment, because without special medical devices it would be difficult to achieve an effective effect of drugs on the body.

The clinic guarantees the confidentiality of the information provided and an individual approach to each patient. The working hours of the employees are adjusted to the peculiarities of the treatment of patients, therefore, if necessary, the medical center will work on holidays and weekends.

On the official website of the clinic, you can find detailed information about doctors, their activities, services provided, frequently asked questions, news and contacts.

Services at the medical center "Embrio"

To effectively combat infertility, the clinic takes the following measures:

• Treatment by in vitro fertilization (IVF);

• IVF with micromanipulation;

• Treatment of infertility by intrauterine insemination;

• Treatment of infertility by ovulation induction;

• Early diagnosis of pregnancy;

• High-resolution digital ultrasound;

• Sperm examination;

• Ultrasound and hormonal monitoring of the menstrual cycle;

• Study of the level of hormones in the blood.

Make an appointment at the medical center "Embrio"

You can make an appointment at the following phones +375 (29) 333-99-13, +375 (29) 333-89-13. In addition to the phone record, you can ask any question you are interested in in such messengers as Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp.